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Deaf School in the Philippines Beside Mountain View College


"Jesus & Deaf Children of the World" -By Artist Pauline Lee

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This Site is Prepared Especially for: All Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Parents of Deaf Children, Those Deaf & Hearing Wanting to Establish a Ministry with the Deaf in Their Church & Anyone Wanting to Know More About the World of the Deaf


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Canadian Deaf Ministry

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Note:  Please do not ask us for funding for your ministry or organization -as needy as it may be!


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* Relating With Deaf

* "Confessions of an ALDA"


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* 5 TAPE FAMILY LIFE VIDEO SET by Francisca Trexler*

  "Say No!"


* "Love Me!"

* "Dealing With Discouragement"

* Parenting Deaf Children

* Dr. Kuzma

*"They Call It Discipline"

* "Love Notes"

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* 8 Program HEALTH VIDEO Series based on Dr. Neil Nedley's book "Proof Positive"

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*Captioned IIW Telecast

*Bibles for the Deaf

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  "Theater of God's Universe" - 20 sections showing God's vs. Satan's working History!
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Arthur Trexler Interpreting Deaf Leader's Workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska, & T. Kay during Workshop Registration


Canadian Deaf Ministries International [CDMI] exists to provide Tools and Inspiration for adults and children with a Hearing Problem. The materials will help build a relationship with Jesus! Resources are provided to strengthen family life & personal relationships. Many Internet links are provided to other helpful resources. Sometimes we don't fully agree with the religious views, etc., of other Christian sites. We have provided them because we feel they offer excellent reference material. [Please be patient if a link does not work--other sites keep changing, and it takes a while for us to catch up!]

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The CDMI Site....

 This site is maintained by John & Alberta Blake, of Clive, Alberta, Canada. Blake's have four grown children, two of whom are Deaf. Mrs. Blake trained as teacher of the Deaf, having taught in Nova Scotia & British Columbia, [Canada] . Mrs. Blake also taught in the USA at the Christian Deaf Center in Arkansas. John is a semi-retired Pastor, and is currently a Church Coordinator of Deaf Ministry. Blake's are now working in the development of Deaf Ministries in different countries.  In March 2006, John also became the Regional Deaf Ministry Direction for Gospel Outreach [] and head of a new department for expansion of deaf ministry through Gospel Outreach. [see news item at:]

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