High Blood Pressure


If you have high blood pressure, or hardening of the Arteries, it usually means that your Arteries have "cholesterol" (a fatty-like substance) in them, and maybe some calcium, etc., too. These things are like the plugging of your home water pipes. As the water can't properly get through the pipes, so "plugged arteries" don't let the blood go through properly, and so the "PRESSURE" goes up to try and get enough blood to your body!


There are many reasons: eating too much "cholesterol", too much fat in things like butter, pastries, cream, margarine, etc.. Other causes are: too much stress, smoking, too much weight, and not enough exercise.

  1. Be under a Doctor's care, BUT-- Pills are not enough, you must work to change the things that MADE YOU GET SICK!
  2. Cut out the hard fats (as far as possible): butter, shortening, and the fat on your meat, etc. Use oils instead of hard fats for cooking, and then try to use as little oil as possible, too, for it is still a fat! You may wish to "fry" with the non-stick pans that require little or no oil. If you use a little margarine, use the soft types, which contain more of the better "oils", and, then use very little.
  3. Use less salt. Most of us eat much too much salt. Using too much salt can be a serious factor in high blood pressure! Remember to count the salt used in prepared foods!
  4. Use foods that are low in fats-- especially in vegetables and grains. Use lots of fresh fruits and vegetables--some of them raw.
  5. Eat foods that have little or no "cholesterol". Cut out the Yolks of the eggs, butter and cream. Use skimmed milk.
  6. Learn to cook in a more "Natural Way". There are many excellent cook books that help you cook both tastefully and naturally! You can make "gravy" without fat!
  7. Don't smoke--get help if you need it, but you MUST STOP! Smoking appears to go along with a higher cholesterol level. It has been estimated that the average smoker will lose about 7 minutes of life for each cigarette smoked!
  8. Try to lower your total stress. Relax more, slow down a little so you don't have to push yourself.
  9. If over-weight- slowly lose weight- you put it on slowly, so use a sensible plan that you can enjoy for a long time [check our weight loss ideas]
  10. EXERCISE: walk and walk! But start carefully -- under your Doctor's direction! It takes time for the body to adjust, but the exercise will help you develop a better circulation.

The American Heart Association had recommended cutting the total dietary fat level down to 30%. However, they have found that if the fat level is cut drastically, that there can be not just a slowing of the progress of hardening of the arteries, but an actual REVERSAL OF HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES. If you are interested in how this works, the inexpensive little book, "REVERSING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY" by Dr.'s Hans Diehl, and Aileen Ludington, can be a real help to you. It is available from:

The Quiet Hour, Box 3000, Redlands, CA 92373

By John Blake, M.A.

Some time I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Hans Diehl, one of North American's pioneers in Lifestyle Medicine! He was lecturing on diet and health at a convention in Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Diehl has written a very helpful book: To Your Health. He has also prepared a series of video-tape lectures given in Australia called: "Your Next Move is Worth The Rest of Your Life". In 1999 in British Columbia, his new heart series on video in his CHIP program, is just being introduced throughout the Province in video presentations.

The book, To Your Health, has many facts about why we get sick and why we get well. How did Dr. Diehl get this important information?

Dr. Diehl worked for some years with Nathan Pritikin. Pritikin was one of the first persons to get the world's attention to seriously look at diet and lifestyle medicine. In 1955 Nathan Pritikin was told he had lymph cancer and hardening of the arteries. He was told not to walk more than 50 yards at one time. Pritikin's own doctor said that the cholesterol (fatty substance) levels in the blood cannot be changed.

Pritikin did not believe all he was told. He began to experiment with diet and expertise. In December, 1955, his cholesterol level was 28 mg. That is very high and bad for health. Slowly, Pritikin's cholesterol level began to go down. In February, 1958, his level was 210 mg. and by June, 1960, his cholesterol level was down to 120 mg. In 1984, one year before he died, his cholesterol level was 94.

Pritikin read hundreds of research studies from around the world. He became a world authority about cholesterol and diet. He claimed that by changing both diet and exercise, one could lower their cholesterol, and also lower heart disease. Pritikin establish a medical center for people with heart problems. He actually took sick patients, worked with them, and got powerful results.

People who went to Pritikin's medical center improved in health. Today there are many medical centers that are using his basic methods to help people with many diseases. [The three Lifestyle Centers featured in this health section, are partly patterned after Pritikin's center-and so now are others around the world.]

Pritikin learned that most people must reduce the amount of [bad] fat they eat. Many individuals diets are 38-42% fat. This is too much fat and makes the arteries sick. Pritikin learned that many people must also reduce the amount of sugar and salt they eat.

Pritikin put people on diets high in natural whole foods--natural fruits, whole-wheat bread and other whole grains, very little sugar, lots of simply cooked vegetables, brown rice, etc. He learned that lots of complex carbohydrates (starches) are what the body needs. [in proper balance with other needed foods] The natural sugar in fruit is good for the body.

Pritikin learned that many people with diabetes could gradually stop using insulin OR greatly reduce the amount needed when they strictly followed his program. However, diabetics must be under a doctor's care before and while lowering their insulin use IF trying a new diet combination like this!

Pritikin died in 1985. The medical pathologist at New York hospital was shocked. He found that Pritikin's arteries were clean and smooth. Pritikin's arteries were the same as the arteries of a ten-year-old boy. With God's healing power, and living the diet-exercise principles that he taught, Pritikin had cured himself. [After many years, Pritikin's cancer came back!]

After Pritikin's death, Senator George McGovern said, "Nathan Pritikin was a man of great dedication, unusual humility, a bold pioneer, perhaps the greatest lifesaver that lived in the 20th century."

Dr. Diehl worked at Nathan Pritikin's medical center for several years. Dr. Diehl is now a world authority on preventive medicine. Preventive medicine involves lifestyle changes using diet and exercise.

If you would like to know more about how the Lifestyle Health Conditioning Centers work, click on one of these centers:

Uchee Pines Health Conditioning Center, Seale, Alabama, USA

Weimar Health Conditioning Center, Weimar, CA Then, click on Health for info on excellent health programs

If you are interested in knowing more about Dr. Diehl's work and program and how to get his book "To Your Health", or his videotapes, write:

Dr. Hans Diehl
Lifestyle Medicine Institute
P.O. Box 474, Loma Linda, CA 92354-0474
Phone: +1 909-796-7676 / Fax: +1 909-799-9799

Dr. Hans Diehl's work is now set up so people can go to his CHIP program (Coronary Health Improvement Program). There is a CHIP Association for promoting, explaining and helping people run the program. If you would like to know more, you can go to the CHIP Association web site. If you are Deaf, and would like to go, try and arrange an interpreter. It will be worth the effort as it often produces amazing results - if you carefully follow the program.

Dr. Diehl is part of the Association, but it is made up mostly of health professionals and lay people who work with and run the programs around North America, and now even into many other countries. They work unpaid and volunteer their time because they want to help people with serious heart and diabetes problems, etc. This is an excellent program because it is very low cost, and it does not use pills or promote any multi-level marketing items you need to buy. The basic idea is to correct the health problems that caused the heart problems - through a combination of diet, exercise and careful balanced planning. Nature will do much to heal itself, if we correct the conditions that caused the problem. The program has proved itself now with many thousands attending from almost every state of the USA and Province of Canada.

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