Lose Weight

  1. "Think Thin ", it helps to want to be the right weight, then strongly decide that this is YOUR OWN GOAL!
  2. Eat more foods in their NATURAL FORM! Leave off the highly refined foods like white bread, pastries, desserts containing a lot of sugar, white rice, etc.
  3. Cut drastically the "CONCENTRATED FOODS" that are high in calories. These foods are sugar, butter, shortening, oils, cheese, desserts. Also, don't eat a lot of nuts for though they are good for you, they are high in calories!
  4. Take smaller helpings and/or avoid second helpings.
  5. Eat slowly, chew your food well. By doing this, you can still have the pleasure of eating for the same length of time as before, but you will eat less.
  6. Use less rich desserts. Make low calorie desserts, or use fruits instead. You can sweeten desserts with raisins and dates, making things "less sweet", but still tasty.
  7. Cut down, or cut out going to the "fast food" restaurants that have "rich and fatty" foods that are just too tempting!
  8. Don't eat between meals. Never after supper!
  9. Instead of eating more food at night, and little or no Breakfast, try eating a good breakfast, with only a small supper.
  10. Use foods with more "fiber": whole grains, legumes such as beans, etc., whole baked potatoes, brown rice, and uncooked natural fruits.
  11. Don't eat meats with a lot of fat, and INSTEAD try to use more vegetables. Vegetables, cooked without fats, are usually low in calories! Avoid fried foods -- unless you use the low-fat or no-fat "non-stick" frying pans.
  12. Plan to lose weight slowly -- if you lose it too fast, you may feel very unhappy and frustrated. This could lead you to go off your diet, and then even eat more than before. EAT IN A WAY THAT YOU CAN LIVE WITH FOR A LONG, LONG TIME, AND BE CONTENT! It takes time to establish new better ways as "HABITS" -- and to learn to like new foods -- but the changes will be worth it!
  13. Learn a tasty, but different way of cooking so you will "LIKE" your new food style! For example: you can make gravy with almost no fat, and it tastes good. Get some cookbooks to make it easier to change to a better diet, and still like it!
  14. Many people eat too much because they have something inside that feels empty. They want love, or happiness, etc. If you feel this way, you may want to try two things:
    1. Try changing to something good, but different, to better you fill that empty spot.
    2. You could ask God to help fill that empty place in your life! He can help fill in so many things in our lives! And, don't be afraid to ask God for willpower to help you make the decisions you must make every day to help you lose weight. God really understands, and CARES!
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