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The E-Sword Computer Bible is a super online Bible that you can download for free. You first download the program itself, and the King James Version Bible. Then, you can download, one at a time, about a dozen other free Bibles like CEV, GW, BBE and many others. There are also older excellent Bible Commentaries. You choose what you want, then click on the downloaded item, and follow instructions and they install themselves. This is an excellent Bible - one of the best free ones. You can pay for extra modules of modern copyrighted Bibles.


Here is a list of Bibles which are in "Easier English".

  1. The Bible in Basic English: This was published by an English University, but the copyright has run out, and it may be out of print. It is available on the basic ONLINE CD-ROM from the Online people. The Bible in Basic English is part of their cheapest $9.95 [US] CD-ROM Bible Computer Program which is a super buy containing several Bible Versions in a good Windows program, with many, many extras thrown in.
  2. The "New Life Version" Bible: This was translated by Gleason Ledyard. He started to translate the Bible into English for Canadian Eskimos in the far north using "Basic English" as his guide. The complete Bible has now been translated into very easy English. This is probably the easiest English translation available. Look for it in a large Christian bookstore, or they tell us for better prices check directly with them. [This is also an excellent choice for anyone who is learning English!] There are eight different editions available from a large print New Testament to a full Bible in Economy edition or Bonded leather edition, etc. Write: Christian Literature International at P.O. Box 777, Canby, OR 97013, OR Phone: (503)266-9734, Fax. (503) 266-1143 or Order Only: 1-800-324-9734. Go to their Web Site:, or Email them at: [email protected]
  3. New International "Reader's" Version: This version has a reading level of only grade 2.9. It is translated by the International Bible Society group, and is a very special version in easy English. Most large Christian bookstores carry the "NIrV" Version, as it is called. You can order one directly from the International Bible Society of Canada, P.O. Box 40590, 1295 North Service Rd. Burlington, ON. L7P 3N8 or phone: 1-800-530-0223 to order. OR- one of the fastest ways to get this version is to go to their website and enter NIrV version into their search by title, at the top of the page. They have various editions all discounted: adult, children's, etc., and are an excellent online Bible store!
  4. The "English Version for the Deaf" published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI. This version has been especially translated for the deaf. The plan was to have a version which could be interpreted quickly into "American Sign Language". The forward in the version says: "The translators have learned to appreciate the unique thought patterns of the deaf person's mind and to respect the intricate structure of his independent language." It is also available from online from Amazon Books but is quite expensive: Go to the Amazon Web site. We really recommend the NIrV in # 3 above if you are price conscious!
    • ICV- "International Children's Version": Grade 3.9
    • NCV- "New Century Version": Grade 5.6 (very similar to the ICV)
    • CEV- "Contemporary English Version" by the American Bible Society: Grade 5.4 It is also distributed and printed by Thomas Nelson Publishers.
    • NIV- New International: Grade 7.8
    • LB- Living Bible: Grade 8.3
    • NKJV- New King James Version: Grade 9.1
    • NRSV- New Revised Standard Version: Grade 10.4
    • NASB- New American Standard Version: Grade 11.3
    • KJV- The (old) King James Version: Grade 12

Pacific Press Publishing Association: This has many books listed. These are some of the best books in print, anywhere! You actually look at many of them and read from the first chapter, then order if you want. Have a look: PACIFIC PRESS BOOKS.

Review and Herald Publishing Association: Another excellent Christian Publisher R. and H. Publishing They have many excellent Christian books listed!

Adventist Book Stores: Here you can buy and get many excellent Christian books online.

ChristianBook.Com: This is one of the largest Christian Discount Bookstores in the world. There are thousands of books, almost every type of Bible you can imagine, music, videos, and dozens of the top Christian Computer Bible and Research programs. Their site also links you with nine other Christian publishers, and many other Christian organizations. They also have a book catalogue they can mail to you.

Working Together: Deaf and Hearing by Thompson Kay $9.95 US plus shipping

Thompson Kay has dedicated his life to working for the deaf. He received a Master's Degree in Deaf Education from Ohio State University. He has interpreted for Billy Graham, the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. He has been involved in developing deaf ministries in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. "This book has been published to teach church members, church leaders, and others how to estabilish a ministry for the deaf with the purpose of witnessing to the deaf."

Chapter Titles: "Working Together: Deaf and Hearing" By Thompson Kay

  1. "Defining Deafness"
  2. "How to Develop a Relationship with Deaf People"
  3. "Adjustments Deaf People Have to Make"
  4. "How the Deaf Communicate"
  5. "How Church Members Can Start a Deaf Ministry"
  6. "Including the Deaf in Worship"
  7. "Witnessing"
  8. "Evangelistic Meetings"
  9. "Scripture in Sign"
  10. "Songs in Sign"

For the latest information pricing, and how you can best get this book, contact us directly.

The Joy of Signing by Lottie L. Riekehof (May 1994) - available on Amazon

$68.45 CDN new (as of March 2014)

$46.36 CDN used (as of March 2014)

Signing Naturally by Cheri Smith, Ken Mikos and Ella M. Lentz (Aug 1993) - available on Amazon
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