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The Discovery Bible Study Guides come in full page color lessons. These Guides have been very popular and are now being used in many countries. The set is produced by the Voice of Prophecy Radio Program. Sorry, these Guides are not in 'Easy English', but are well prepared for the average reader (you don't need a theology degree!). This is a Bible Correspondence Course through the mail, OR we -- with the VOP -- now also make them available so you can do them right at our special Web Site!

If you choose to do the lessons on the Web site [register first], you can do the lessons at your own speed. We correct the lesson for you, and you go on with the next one -- all online. You may have questions, and you will get personal answers. The person who individually corrects your study guides will either be a Deaf person, or one very closely connected with the Deaf World and Deaf Culture.

Either way, the Study Guides are free. If you are unhappy with them, you may stop at any time. To do them on the Internet go to:Discovery Bible Guides Canada

OR- For Sample Study Guide #1 by mail, write directly to:

Discovery Bible Guides
The Voice of Prophecy
Box 55
Los Angeles, California
USA 90053

The Deaf Bible School website references the Amazing Facts Easy English Bible Study Guides. These Guides are full of pictures, Bible texts and explanations about what the texts mean. There is a quiz with each lesson. You can choose the course you are interested in.

ALSO....VISIT THE AMAZING FACTS OFFICIAL WEB SITE. These are a larger set of Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides, however, they are Not in Easy English.

There is also A NEW AMAZING FACTS BIBLE STUDY SITE for your reference.


Have You Wanted to Understand The Bible But Found the Wording Very Hard?

We Have Three Ways You Can Study the Bible in "Easier English" Everything is Free - there is no charge at any time!

    • You can take an "Easier English" Bible Course right online. If, at any time, you do not like it, you can stop at any time. There are two different Bible courses as indicated below. Look at both for yourself! Both are done online. They are corrected and you continue with the next lesson.
    • Easy Reading for the Deaf Sorry, but the Easy Reading English online lessons are only for Deaf people, however, if you are not Deaf, there are other lessons online, see below.
    • Other Bible Study Courses are available for those not hard of hearing and the Easy Reading Bible study book below is for anyone, Deaf or Hearing.
    • There is a new Bible Study every week. This series is being studied around the world by millions of people every week. You can download your free copy each week, and even go back and get lessons from months ago.
    • This is the Easy Reading Version. There is also a regular version, and a Teacher's edition. It has been basically simplified from the regular version by a deaf retired English teacher - and you will find he has done a good job of making it easier to understand.
    • This Mini Bible Readings book of Bible lessons uses 7 different "Easier English" versions of the Bible that make the Bible much simpler to understand. Each study is in a Question - Bible Answer - Comment format. The studies answer many important questions, and make the Bible easier to understand in simple English.
    • Why did we use simple Easy English versions of the Bible? The King James Version is Grade 12, and even the New King James is Grade 9. Most of the texts used here are from a Grade 3 to a Grade 6 reading level.
    • You download the whole book of 96 pages, and then you can page down to any of the 30 studies. Each study has a number, and you see all the topics listed at the beginning.
      • The Easy Reading Bible Studies book, called "Mini Bible Readings" is included below in two formats. Each file begins with a "BR". This contains copyrighted material from about 7 different Bible versions in Easy Reading English, and you may not sell it. Feel free to use it yourself, or in your local church or group. If you want to use it in any other way, please contact Canadian Deaf Ministries first for permission Please read the Bible Version copyright notices at the end of the book!
      • BRWord.doc - This is a document in Microsoft Word. If you have Word you can click on it, and it should download and open in Word for you. You can then save it on your computer. This file is large, around 643 KB. If you have regular speed internet, it will take some time to download.
      • BRAdobe.pdf - This is the same document in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader. This file is also large, around 541 KB.
Files for Bible Readings
File Information
BRWord.doc Bible Readings in MicrosoftWord format
BRAdobe.pdf Bible Readings in Adobe Acrobat format
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