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Pastor Jeff Jordan, M.Div., of Acworth, GA


In 20 lectures Jeff covers the whole plan of Salvation from the beginning of sin in Heaven, all the way to the destruction of sin at the end of the world. Jeff showed the Bible texts right on the screen. You can read the Bible texts on the screen in Easy English, or watch as Jeff signs them in ASL. Jeff uses about 100-150 computer graphics in each presentation.

Pastor John Blake spent three months adapting a series of computer graphics given by the speaker of "It is Written", Mark Finley, in a series from satellite. The texts are from very carefully chosen Easy English versions of the Bible varying from about grade 3 to grade 6 in reading level. Thousands of man hours have been spent on preparing the graphics!


Jeff's wife is Hearing, and has 'live' voice interpreted as Jeff preached. The Introduction and Conclusion also have music.


Jeff gave handouts with the series from the Amazing Facts tracts series available from Amazing Facts. With each set comes a list of which lesson fits with each lecture.

  1. Send for a "SAMPLE" containing the first two lectures. We can mail this postpaid for $10 postpaid - in Canadian funds to Canada and US funds to the USA.
    1. "Is the End Really Near as Year 2000 comes?"
    2. "The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan".
  2. Buy a full set: $ 70 plus $10 shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada. The price to the USA is in US funds, and the price within Canada is in Canadian funds.

Please send a postal or bank money order made out to: John Blake - Canadian Deaf Ministries

Mail money order to:
John Blake
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However, since we travel a lot around North America, please contact us first to check how soon we can ship your order.

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