Earth:Theatre of God's Universe - Section 15

Jesus and Ten Commandments


Near the last chapter of the Bible, Revelation 18, God’s talks about an angel giving a final call to God’s People. As one reads the call, one sees that at that time, many of God’s people are still in a system of false doctrine. This is the same basic system as in the time of Nimrod or during Nebuchadnezzar's time in Babylon. Here in Revelation 18, [Revelation 18:2-4] God calls ‘HIS PEOPLE’ to actually ‘COME OUT OF’ this false system. Why?

The Bible warns that if God’s people stay in the false system, they will receive God's punishments. These punishments will come in the "seven last plagues" for those who receive Satan’s Mark. Here we see a loving God, giving a final warning to man. God pleads: Please accept me. Please let me come and change your thinking and your life. I want to work through you to take my love and my gospel to the world! I want you to be my Ambassador to the world. I want the world to see through you a real demonstration of what I can do in and through a human being. But, if you stay in the false system of doctrine that compromised with the doctrines of old Babylon, I cannot save you. Come out and be separate. I will then be able to seal you as mine.

The Three Angel’s Messages of Revelation Chapter 14, are the heart of that final call. [Revelation 14:6-12] The "Come Out call" of Revelation 18 is God’s last call to the world. God will finally be able to trust his "called out" people with a great amount of His Holy Spirit. They will preach and plead with people as never before. God will also trust his remnant people with special power for miracles of healing, etc. God's remnant people will also demonstrate the practical love of Jesus to the world! They are God’s final demonstration to the world and the Universe! This is not because of their "own goodness", but because they allow God to work through them!

Satan and World

But, Satan is also trying to get a victory. He has always wanted power and control. More than that, Satan has wanted to be worshipped. One of Satan’s last acts in the drama is to come claiming that He is Jesus. Satan will appear to look like people think Jesus will look. He talks like people think Jesus will talk. Satan performs miracles. [Satan does have limited powers, so miracles don’t prove a person is of God. Revelation warns of false miracles that lead people to become Satan’s followers.]

For a time it looks as if Satan will win, and God's final remnant will all be killed. But, God is watching His people.

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