Earth:Theatre of God's Universe - Section 20

Jesus in the New Jerusalem


What a fabulous day that will be! The Saved are all safely in the City with Jesus, and every bit of sin is gone.

Then the Saved watch as God creates the surface of the earth over again. [Isaiah 65:17 and Rev. 21:1,2] Will God again take seven days to re-create the earth like He did in the beginning, or will He do it all in one flash? Well, it does not matter! The wonderful thing will be to be there and watch as God creates a wonderful new world!

What will we do in the "New Earth"? Will we just sit on a cloud and play a harp? No, no! Yet, surely there will be musical instruments of all kinds. Anyone will be able to invent one and then learn to play it. The Bible tells us about singing in Heaven. We can be sure that there will be lots of singing in the New Earth.

We will each also be able to have a home in the city and in the country. We won’t have to worry about weeds and thorns pesticides or herbicides. All will be healthy, free from disease, peaceful, loving and in perfect trusting harmony!

New Earth

We will also get to meet those from other worlds who have never sinned. What will they look like? What things will they tell us? Did Satan try and tempt them, too? The lives and stories of the Saved will for Eternity be an insurance policy for the Universe. The saved will forever be a testimony to the horror of sin, and the wonder of being saved from it. Knowing their story, no one will ever choose to sin again. We will never tire of praising God and telling what Jesus has done for us!

There will be one reminder of sin! Someone says, how could God keep one reminder? Our eternal reminder will be that Jesus forever keeps His human form, like us, and that Jesus has chosen to always keep the nail prints in His hands and His feet. Remember how Thomas said he would not believe until he could touch those scars with his finger. Jesus will always keep that reminder!

Jesus at the Door

We hope that this "Earth: Theater of God's Universe" drama has answered the three questions asked at the beginning:

  1. Where did I come from?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. Where will I be going when I die?

Only you can give the final answer to that last question – because the answer depends on a choice, and it is your choice. If you have felt Jesus love and His Holy Spirit talking to you, don’t put off a decision for Jesus. Settle that question now of where you will be for Eternity! [Revelation 22:3-5]

What is your response? We would love to hear about your decision! Perhaps you have some questions...

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