Earth:Theatre of God's Universe - Section 19

New Jerusalem


The Bible shows that at the end of the one thousand year "Millennium" the Mount of Olives in the Holy Land splits in two and a huge valley is opened. It has to be large, for if the figures in Revelation Chapter 21, are taken literally, the New Jerusalem will be over 300 miles wide and 300 miles long. Think how many people that will hold!

God raises the wicked. Jesus said that there would be a resurrection of the good and the bad. Now, the wicked are raised full of sin just as they went into the graves. [Revelation 20:4-8] They are not raised like the saved were, in perfect health.

Satan knows that this is his "Last Chance". He gathers together all the wicked who have ever lived. Many of the generals of the greatest wars will be there with Satan. Satan tells his people that they deserve to live in the city. Satan claims that Jesus, and the people in the city really should not be there. Perhaps he tells them that this is the "War of the Worlds" and that these people have invaded (come in) from outer space. Satan will have strong arguments. The Bible says that Satan goes out to deceive all the nations.

The Bible does not say how long they take to prepare for war against the city. It could be days, or months, only God knows. Apparently the walls of the city are clear, so the righteous can see through them. The saved in the city watch as Satan prepares his army. Will Satan have some new inventions? How will he prepare them all? Some day we will watch it from the safety of the city. We can watch knowing God is our final protector!

Satan Planning to Fight New Jerusalem

Then something amazing happens! As the wicked rush in to attack the city, they are stopped. There in the sky above the city Jesus is lifted up high. (someone has suggested that since the Bible says the city will be at high as it is wide, Jesus could be on top of the city over 300 miles up in the sky).

Everyone who has ever lived, can see Jesus. Then God does something to answer everyone’s questions. Across the sky God shows the drama of the ages in the last act of the Theater of the Universe. God shows the actual story, divinely recorded, of every act in the drama of the "sin versus salvation" story. Satan is shown first tempting the angels in Heaven. God’s Divine 3-D Drama shows the Creation and Fall of man, the story of the Old Testament, the Death of Jesus and the glorious Resurrection. Everyone sees God’s recording of what actually happened! Every important part of the drama is shown across the Heavens. Every wicked person must see clearly what God was doing through the ages to save man. God wants everyone who is to be destroyed to know why they can't live in the New Earth. God wants the lost to know how hard He worked to save them. The wicked must see how their choices have led to their eternal destruction.

In terrible anger, the wicked turn on Satan and their leaders. Then, in mercy, God totally destroys the wicked. Yes, the wicked may be sorry for the consequences or results of the sins they committed. But, the hearts of the wicked are still selfish and full of evil. The Bible says that fire comes down from Heaven and destroys them all. [Revelation 20:12-15] The Bible says that no part of them lives on in the fire. They are totally destroyed.. They are [Malachi 4:3] "ashes under the soles of your feet".

Satan Destroyed

There is no reason why a loving God would want to torture people for all eternity for a short life of sin here. Satan wants us to think God is a sadist, a tyrant, a terrible God to be feared. If Satan can destroy God’s reputation or misrepresent God’s character, he may get man to misunderstand God. Satan has twisted the doctrine of a merciful God. If we don’t understand that God is truly loving, we may reject God. Satan wants man to be lost for eternity! This is why it is so important to have a correct understanding of the destruction of the wicked in Hell!

The fires that destroy the wicked go on to destroy every bit of evidence of sin on the earth. We don’t know how God will do it. But, when every sinner, and every bit of sin is gone, the earth is clean.

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