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God.....where did He come from? Well, God tells us that He [the Father] and Jesus always lived. There never was a time when they didn’t live. There is even a part of God that can be everywhere in the Universe at the same time. This is called the Holy Spirit. The three of them are all "God". Because we are only "human", we cannot fully understand it, so we need to accept it. Some day God will explain all these hard questions to us! For now, we take the explanations God has already given in the Bible, and trust when ready, God will give more answers. [For an excellent choice of Bible Lessons you can do online, go to Deaf Bible School Website.

Back long before our world was created, God lived in love and peace. The Bible does not give us all the answers about the first beginnings, but we do know that God created everything in the Universe: the stars, the Galaxies, the Milky Way, the Black Holes. The size of it all almost makes our minds spin.

Our world is not the only world. It only makes sense that the great "Creator" has made not only trillions of stars, but many "worlds" with people on them. What are they like? The Bible is silent, but suggests that there are other worlds out there. [Hebrews 11:3,etc.]

God has many messengers in the Universe. His messengers are called "angel’s". Angels go around the Universe taking God’s messages and do wonderful things for Him. Angels are God's Ambassadors. Angels can travel faster than light. Angels do whatever God asks. Angels must not be worshipped, for they are created beings like humans. Angels appear in different forms. A major part of an angel's work is working for humans in this sinful world. [Hebrews 1:14]


Back in the beginning, all was love and harmony. There was perfect happiness and perfect order in all God’s universe. There was one basic law -- love. Since no one knew anything about "sin", God did not have to spell out a lot of "rules" to explain what love is, or is not. The few rules were obeyed because the beings saw the laws made "good sense". All created beings could see that the laws were really love in action.

But something terrible happened in Heaven......Go to the Next Section: "God and Lucifer Become Enemies"

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